SEO-upgrades: Style Sheet

***Under Construction***

Consistent English Usage Is Part of a Web Site Upgrade

A SEO upgrade requires a page by page review of a site. Therefore, when completing an SEO upgrade, it is an excellent time to establish and apply English usage standards to content.

SEO-upgrades English style decisions, along with supporting rational are documented on this page. Each SEO upgrade project should have a similar English style page. Whether or not the page is published as part of the web site being upgraded depends on overall web site theme.

Internet versus internet

SEO-upgrades uses internet. See CBC Words: Woe and Wonder for a discussion.

Web versus web

SEO-upgrades uses web site and web page instead of Web site and Web page. The CBC Words: Woe and Wonder discussion makes a convincing case for not capitalizing web.

webpage versus web page

A google search on webpage shows 39.8M hits, July 2009, while the search on web page showed 629M hits. SEO-upgrades will go with the flow and use web page.

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