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Applying Organic SEO to Established Websites

GoldMinerPulse Baseline

The May/June 2009 version of has a Google page rank of 2. Google does finds GoldMinerPulse on keyword search that include names of mining companies GoldMinerPulse tracks. When the search string includes keywords such as, 43-101, metal value, gold equivalent value, and like phrases, GoldMinerPulse is often on the first page of Google search results. And Google even does a pretty good job of getting queries to right second level pages at the site even though at the end of June:

By end of July, the above deficiencies should be corrected. A positive result would be for GoldMinerPulse's main page to gain increase in page rank and for more secondary pages to gain a page rank -- the Gold List and Silver List pages had a page rank of 1 in early June but by end of June lost their page rank by end of June.

PokerPulse Baseline

The June 2009 version of PokerPulse has same definicies as GoldMinerPulse and also has fails to use Alt tags for key main page graphics. In 2005, PokerPulse hit a page rank high of 6 for a short period of time and since fallen to a page rank of 4. By the end of July, the organic SEO deficiencies for PokerPulse should be corrected. A positive result would be for PokerPulse to rise to a PR=5.

Google Keyword Search Case Study

GoldMinerPulse has from its early days always published a detailed report page for each of the gold and silver mining companies covered. The detail report pages were always setup with a meta tile setup as:

Even though the page, including the meta title contained W3C sytnax errors, a Google search phrase, made up of a company name and Valuation Report always gave GoldMinerPulse good placement in search results. An end of June 2009 check gave the following placement results (search string: Google results):

GoldMinerPulse placement in First 3 pages of Google Search Results for
Company Name + search word or phrase (June 2009).
Company Name + ""ReportValuation Report43-101 Metal Valuation Report
* result was the related Twitter
Alamos Goldnonenone#1, #2*#1, #2, #3
Apollo Goldnonenonepage 2#1, #2, #3
MAG Silvernonepage 3#2#1, #2, #3
Orko Silvernone#4#1, #2, #3#1, #2
Yamana Goldnonenone#7#1, #2, #3


Follow-up Experiments

It remains to be seen if SEO optimizing second level pages (e.g. the GoldMinerPulse report pages) will be enough to trigger Google assigin a page rank. And will SEO optimization improve placement for search on popular companies such as Yamana Gold?

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